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Pixl NFT Collection

Say hello to Pixl Genesis Series

This collection is going to be very differently than NFT collections you have seen until today. We believe NFTs can be a lot more than just apes, cats, 3D turtles or random cartoons combined with a hint of a roadmap.

Pixl's NFT collection is product first & designed to represent actual pixels on the blockchain.

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Place to be for NFTs

This app is so cool. You can mint NFTs easily, join different nft communities, and see all the different notifications and posts that show up on your news feed. It’s simple, user friendly and easy to lose yourself in. Highly recommended!
~ AppStore Review
Simply Amazing

Pixl is simply incredible & I would definitely refer more of my friends. Haven’t had any issues with the app & the community’s in the app are cool & not a bunch of bots. I like the graphics & hope the app continues to upgrade. No need for all the slick tech work either so it’s simple & quick to install. Need more ppl in the community’s & feel like if more ppl knew about this app it would definitely be amazing. Please join us & can’t wait to see ur hidden potentials.
~ AppStore Review
NFTs for the masses!

Excited about this app! Very direct platform for creators to mint and share their work with a growing community in and outside the app. And the community here is active and positive and pushing each other to grow. Let’s go!
~ AppStore Review
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