The open bridge between NFTs and AR

Creating shared AR experiences in real time to bring digital ownership into the real world.

Tech Specs

We enable creators and communities to bring their NFTs into the real world.


Real-time, multiple devices

Share AR experiences through multiple devices IRL in real time by using Pixl’s AR built atop the real world.



Users place NFTs in real-life locations to view, interact, and buy/sell. Placement is as simple as pointing on the map or the camera!


Realistic Lighting

Real time ray casting gives NFTs realistic lighting so they look less "cartoony", and more like a part of the real world.


Asynchronous AR galleries

Each profile has AR galleries to showcase their NFTs in a personal XR (Extended Reality) room.


Custom & Ready Made 3D models

When objects are added, they will be converted automatically into NFTs so that they can have a value of their own in the Pixl App.


Blending Depth Levels

Object detection + masking in real time to give a realistic effect to the point that NFTs blend in along with the real world around the user.

Experience digital assets in the real world

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