Our mission is to bring digital ownership into the real world

NFTs did a great job bringing real world ownership to the digital world. We're working on building the opposite of that!


Our AR powered metaverse is a thriving hub for creators and communities to experience their NFTs in an alternate reality layered on top of the real world. From NFT Gaming, to Music NFTs, to AR Art Galleries and so much more: Pixl brings digital ownership to life!

Pixl creates interactive experiences adding an AR layer on top of NFTs. We enable this by combining augmented reality, geo-location & real time environment mapping for creators and communities to bring their NFTs into the real world.

The opportunities of NFTs X AR are truly unlimited, and we aim to enable every NFT creator and community with an experience that engages their audience in a new layer of interactive technology.

Our Values

We strive to build a remarkable product while setting the tone for the future of AR.

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Delivery over Empty Hype

We will never promise what we can’t deliver, and we will put our product and users first, always.

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Empower our Users

Pixl provides optimal exposure for creators and communities to promote, monetize, and interact with user-created content.

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Ease of Use

Our users, no matter their base knowledge, can interact seamlessly with our product to immerse themselves within our AR metaverse.

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Blazing trails upon the forefront of technology

The story of Pixl since the beginning

We started of with just an idea amongst two people who met on the internet, and went onto build an open alternative reality for the world.

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Shipped Pixl v1

We shipped the first version of Pixl's augmented reality SDK that people could use to experience their NFTs in the real world

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Raising Pre-Seed

We began raising a pre-seed funding round to expand our team and make a more solid product.

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Pixl was Founded

Pixl started off with a simple ideas of building communities using NFT smart contracts.